Malcolm and Isabel
October 15, 2018
Pennyroyal Today

Their story began in the Epilogue of THE LEGEND OF LYON REDMOND...

In Pennyroyal Green, the past is very much alive...but the present has a power—and a magic—all its own.

Isabel Redmond never anticipated that the echoes of a legendary love will reverberate through her own life. Or that answers she's long sought might be between the pages of Olivia Eversea's diary.

Until she goes in search of her roots...and meets her tall, dark destiny under a famous pair of entwined trees.

One look into Isabel's heart-stopping blue eyes and town doctor Malcolm Coburn knows 1) getting involved will be risky; and 2) their chemistry will be scorching. But as they retrace Olivia and Lyon's footsteps in Pennyroyal Green, a tender, fiery intimacy emerges...and old wounds are laid bare. Will two people who guard their hearts as fiercely as their freedom repeat the mistakes of a pair of long-ago lovers...or will they let love alter the course of their lives?

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Malcolm took a blow that sent the two of them careening sideways; he used his own body as a shield to shove back, creating a brief clearing through which they raced, slaloming through the crowd until they reached a long dim hallway lined in paneling and cracked linoleum, through to the door sporting the emergency exit sign and out into an alley.

The sudden plunge into dark and quiet was as startling as a dive into the sea.
The door thunked to a close behind them.

She didn’t even look back for Argosy.

They ran, hand in hand, into the exhilarating black dark and cold, down the long and fetid alley. She didn’t question where they were going; he could probably lead her right off a bridge if he so chose and her last moments would still be happy ones.

They rounded a corner into a sort of a walled area; she realized it was the opposite side of the car park. The long shadows of weeds swayed against the white wall.

Malcolm stopped abruptly.

He spun her around until her back was against the wall. He covered her with the heat of his body.

For a moment it was only swift breathing.

Then his smile flashed. “Spoils of war,” he whispered.

The slide of his warm hands beneath her coat, under her shirt, across her bare skin, dissolved her into something like smoke even before his lips touched hers.







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