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Lady Derring Takes a Lover

12.16.20 ... A new year, TWO new books! ...Well, my loves, 2020, the year like no other (I've had a few of those in a row, it seems!) is FINALLY rolling to a close, and as we mop our brows, count our blessings, cherish our loved ones, and move toward the new year managing the delicate balance of grief, hope and determination, I'm glad I have what I hope is some good news for you: I'll have TWO books out in 2021, beginning with Hugh and Lillias's story in I'M ONLY WICKED WITH YOU!! Check out the STUNNING cover and the back cover description here. You may recall meeting them (and witnessing the sparks fly) at the end of ANGEL IN A DEVIL'S ARMS. I cannot WAIT for you to read their story!

And thank you so much for your patience with the various bumps and glitches here on my website. In the wake of the Camp Fire (where I and my family lost our homes and everything we own) I've had to re-build parts of the site from scratch with different software and equipment, and it's been, uh, a bit of a slow and interesting challenge to make updates or changes. :) You may have noticed a few broken parts, and it's still currently a work in progress, but I hope now should be able to find all the book news you're looking for! I hope to get all the fixes completed by early next year. Meanwhile, if you need to reach me right away, you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram at JulieAnneLongAuthor.


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