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I'm Only Wicked with You
Coming June 27th, 2022
You Were Made to be Mine

11.30.21 .. AFTER DARK WITH THE DUKE: is here! Let's celebrate! Oh my goodness, my loves, I can't wait for you to meet Mariana Wylde and the Duke of Valkirk! They arrive in the world amidst a dazzling array of starred reviews, and I hope their story puts stars in your eyes, too, when you get a chance to read it. I would be so honored if you'd help me celebrate—stop by my Facebook page today to comment on posts and you might win a signed book! The party is going all week, and I'll announce multiple winners on Sunday. Then, on Saturday, December 4th, Join me and other fabulous authors for An Avon KissCon One Night Stand—hang out with me virtually for an hour!! All you have to do to attend is purchase two books by one of the participating authors from one of the sponsoring booksellers! Go here for more details. I hope to see your lovely faces there.

YOU WERE MADE TO BE MINE, will be here on June 27th next year. I'll tell you more about that soon!

... I'M ONLY WICKED WITH YOU is here!! I hope you have a marvelous time reading Hugh and Lillias's story—which, as you'll recall, it begins in the epilogue of ANGEL IN A DEVIL'S ARMS. It goes onto FIREWORKS and passion and laughter and tears everything you might expect at The Grand Palace on the Thames. ;) I hope you'll join me today at my Facebook Page just to say "hi" and "happy Book Birthday!", because I'll be giving away a signed book to a random commenter. You can also join me on Instagram at @julieannelongauthor, where I'll be doing the same thing! And on the 26th, I'll be spending the day at the fabulous Eloisa Jame's Lindow Castle Facebook page, where I'll be giving away signed books and talking about The Grand Palace on the Thames and generally making merry. I so hope you love the story, and that you'll let me know what you think when you get a chance. xo julie

... A NIGHT WITH A ROGUE, the release of BEAUTY AND THE SPY and WAYS TO BE WICKED, is in stores today! TWO stories for the price of one in a special edition re-release of the beloved Holt Sisters trilogy—and have you seen the beautiful cover?? You can order it online, or find it in your favorite romance-selling bookstore. Hope you enjoy revisiting their stories—I was delighted to find how much I enjoyed them after all these years!

7.17.21 ... HOT Summer Sale...HOW THE MARQUESS WAS WON is on sale for $1.99 right now, darlings—it's the sixth book in the Pennyroyal Green series, and you may recall Phoebe Vale, Lord Ice, Charybdis the cat with the dangerously fluffy tummy, and a pair of incriminating gloves that cause Olivia Everszea to make a critical decision (ooo!)!!! If you need it for your e-readers, now is a good time to grab it. And tell your buddies if you think they'd like to read it! Hurry, because the sale will be over as quick as a wink.

... THREE books on the way! ...I'm THRILLED to tell you that there will be Two new Palace of Rogues books, for starters: I'M ONLY WICKED WITH YOU will be out in September (August 24th, to be precise) and AFTER DARK WITH A DUKE in December—and lest you think the summer will be bookless, we've got that covered, too, darlings: a re-issue of BEAUTY AND THE SPY and WAYS TO BE WICKED, packaged together in a duology as A NIGHT WITH A ROGUE, will be in stores as a special paperback edition at the end of July. As I continue to re-build and make changes to this website, probably one of the best and easiest ways to keep absolutely up to date on all of this excitement (oh my goood heavens, (I've been BUSY) is to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! I can't wait for you to read these books—I frankly think they're the best I've ever written. xo julie

12.16.20 ... A new year, TWO new books! ...Well, my loves, 2020, the year like no other (I've had a few of those in a row, it seems!) is FINALLY rolling to a close, and as we mop our brows, count our blessings, cherish our loved ones, and move toward the new year managing the delicate balance of grief, hope and determination, I'm glad I have what I hope is some good news for you: I'll have TWO books out in 2021, beginning with Hugh and Lillias's story in I'M ONLY WICKED WITH YOU!! Check out the STUNNING cover and the back cover description here. You may recall meeting them (and witnessing the sparks fly) at the end of ANGEL IN A DEVIL'S ARMS. I cannot WAIT for you to read their story!

And thank you so much for your patience with the various bumps and glitches here on my website. In the wake of the Camp Fire (where I and my family lost our homes and everything we own) I've had to re-build parts of the site from scratch with different software and equipment, and it's been, uh, a bit of a slow and interesting challenge to make updates or changes. :) You may have noticed a few broken parts, and it's still currently a work in progress, but I hope now should be able to find all the book news you're looking for! I hope to get all the fixes completed by early next year. Meanwhile, if you need to reach me right away, you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram at JulieAnneLongAuthor.



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