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~A Letter from Julie~

Happy brink-of-fall, kittens! For some reason, September always feels like the beginning of my own personal new year— much more so than January does. Could have a little something to do with an impending birthday for yours truly (ahem), as well as residual memories of the start of a school year and all its attendant sights and smells. Like...mmmm ...vinyl. There's nothing like that new binder smell, is there?? Or the smell of a bag lunch you forgot for a few weeks in the back of your locker, for that matter. Not that I, um, ever did that. (Not more than twice, anyway.)

Anyhow, this September I'm particularly excited about two things: 1) Ways to be Wicked will be out practically any minute, and my early readers so far seem to be gaga about it (we'll talk about that in the books section); and 2) now that you've waved the kiddies off to school, I have the world's best homework assignment for you. Hint: It involves a lot of reading. :) More on that in the contest section.

What else is new? Well, here's where we talk about blogs: For example, The Julie Chronicles is my new blog, and if you go there you can see unflattering photos of me, learn about the perils of satin sheets, the mysteries of anagrams, and my writing process, among other things. Oh, it's riveting. I sometimes update five times a week, sometimes twice a week (how often is how you can tell just how busy I am.) And sometimes, completely on a whim, I give away signed books. Like....right.... now! (hee!) In fact, if you stop by before Monday evening, 9. .m., the 10th, you might just win one.

And calling all bloggers who'd like a free signed copy of BATS! If you have a blog—either your own, or one you share with a group—and you're game to post an excerpt from Ways to be Wicked sometime during the last week of September or the first week of October, I'll send you a signed copy of BATS and some signed bookmarks as a thanks! Pass the word on to all your blogging friends, too, if you don't think they're on my mailing list. If you're interested, just send me a note with "Wicked Blog" in the subject line, and tell me about your blog. I'll mention your blog on MY blog, and in my newsletter, too. It might be fun!

I'll be visiting a few blogs, soon, too: the Idea Boutique on September 26th, and Romantically Inclined on October 16th and 17th, and I'll let you know about a few other events coming up next month in my October newsletter.

And in case you're wondering, up there to the left, just for fun, is a photo of one of the things I did this summer—that's me and my date Toni Blake dolled up for the Rita ceremonies at the RWA conference in Atlanta this year, which were both a blast, and a bit of a blur.

Hope your summer contained at least one moment that was both a bit of a blast and a blur, too, and hope you made some wonderful new memories over the past few months. But here's to a fabulous fall! As always, feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone you think might enjoy it, and take good care for now!

Warm Regards,

Julie :)



October 2006


October 2006!


available now

available now


~Book News~

Ways to get ready for WAYS TO BE WICKED: Well, I steeled my nerve and put early copies of Ways to be Wicked in the hands of a few extremely opinionated, dedicated romance readers at blogs like Where's My Hero? and this is what they had to say: "Book 2 in the trilogy of three sisters is better than the first!!!... The story is unique and fresh and I couldn’t step away from it once! The hero, Tom, is…oh, hot! I cannot say this enough….preorder the book, put in on your calendars. It’s excellent!!!

LOL! I was thrilled to hear that! And furthermore, the girls at Romantically Inclined tell me I've "outdone myself!" Among other things. They're posting an official review right before I blog with them next month. I hope you guys do like it (and I have a sneaking suspicion Amazon will be shipping preorders any minute. ) Regardless, I'll share more wonderful reviews with you early next month! And I've recently heard from a few reviewers who haven't received review copies of it yet—if you're a reviewer and that's true for you, let me know! I'll see what I can do to get one to you.

If you haven't had a chance to read an excerpt from WTBW, you can find a couple on my website, and one special little steamy one on my blog. Let me know what you think! And if you'd like, here are a few preorder links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

And as a reminder: The books in the Holt sisters trilogy are BEAUTY AND THE SPY, (March 06, out now), which is Susannah and Kit's story; WAYS TO BE WICKED (out any minute, the story of Sylvie and Tom!) and THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION (out in May of 2007, it's Sabrina and Rhys's story and wraps up the trilogy, big time!).


Oui, c'est vrai! The Runaway Duke and To Love a Thief will be published in French! (And how on earth do you say "runaway" in French? Anyone know??) I'll share images of their French covers, etc., with you, when I have them.


NEW CONTEST: It's September, and Time to Hit the Books....and talk about the world's best homework assignment! This month, I'm giving away a tote bag featuring a sexy front (the cover of Ways to be Wicked) a sexy back (the cover of BATS) and an even sexier inside: it's filled with EIGHT (eight!) signed books by wonderful, diverse authors. We have Chick Lit, Suspense, Erotic romance, and romantic comedy by award winners, NYT bestsellers and dazzling newcomers. Here's the list: Beauty and the Spy, by yours truly, of course; Everyone Else's Girl, Megan Crane; Taken, Barbara Freethy; Conversations with the Fat Girl, Liza Palmer; Make Me a Match, Diana Holquist;The Last To Know, Wendy Corsi Staub. Check out my contest page for details on how to win!

w i n n e r s: Katie S. of New Jersey won the Pearls of Wisdom Contest, and Martha R. of Tennessee won the Pair of Peridots! They both chose signed copies of To Love a Thief, too. A big hurrah for both ladies! Also, be sure to check out the Pearls of Wisdom your fellow readers sent—they have a permanent home on my blog.

~The Magical History Tour~

A bit of ballet: In Ways to be Wicked, Sylvie is a French ballerina, the toast of Paris, and the bane of her existence—and the reason for her excellence—is a certain Monsieur Favre. Monsieur Favre was very loosely based on Jean-Georges Noverre, an influential French dancer and ballet master born in Paris in 1727 and eventually became ballet master at the Paris Opera. Noverre wrote Lettres sur la Dance, one of the most influential documents in dance history, in which he proposed a number of dramatic reforms. "I would cut down by three-quarters the ridiculous panniers of our ballerinas," he said, thus freeing the dancer's movements. And he wanted to get rid of the masks still traditionally worn by dancers at that time (a custom originating in the theatre rituals of ancient Greece, and for some reason still embraced), "calling them hideous faces which conceal nature." Not a man to mince words, our Monsieur Noverre. He also suggested that ballets should be based on character and situation rather than purely personal display, thus paving the way for the story ballets we know today. Read a bit more about Noverre's significance to ballet here.

Another little interesting ballet tidbit: Many of the dance movements familiar to us today—the turned out legs and pointed toes, the arms held gracefully wide—evolved from courtly dances in the 1600's: elegantly pointed toes were meant to show off shoe buckles and ribbons, and arms were held wide to avoid brushing the full skirts worn by both men and women.

[Visit the Magical History Tour Archives]

What I've been listening to.. Two totally random old songs that make me glad to be alive every time I hear them (and I heard them this weekend): 1) Wichita Lineman, Glen Campbell's version. "And I need you more than want you/and I want you for all time..." Call me a geek, I don't care. That song (written by the brilliant Jimmy Webb) is purely stunning. I've heard all kinds of versions, like R.E.M.'s live one, but the original is my favorite. 2) Sweet Child o' Mine, Guns n' Roses—I've always loved the contrast between the soaring joyousness, almost innocence, of that opening riff and how genuinely, fabulously dangerous GnR was—and that bass line is perfection. What I've been reading: The Slightest Provocation, by Pam Rosenthal. Exquisitely written, lush, intelligent and oh so hot.

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