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~A Letter from Julie~

Well, hello, ducklings! Just thought I'd drop a note to remind you to set your clocks back this weekend. Kidding!! That's not why I'm really writing. (But admit it—didn't you just think—"Oh, yeah! The clocks!" You're welcome.) I confess time is definitely on my mind, however— because the countdown to the release of The Perils of Pleasure (aka POP!) has begun in earnest! It's a February 08 book, with an official release of January 29th, 2008, and frankly, I'm getting ready to POP with anticipation. It's my first book for Avon, it's the first book in my new Pennyroyal Green series, and it's my first green book—have you seen the cover? Isn't it beautiful?? (There's a wee version over to the right, and a nice big one on my website.) I do believe it's my favorite cover yet. All in all I'm very much looking forward to next year.

Why else am I getting ready to pop? Well, those of you who’ve known me for a while through my newsletter know that I always wait with bated breath (and nibbled nails) for those first few reader opinions of my latest book. And I've heard a few about POP, and...

Well, let’s just put it this way: so far word has it that POP rocks.

First, one of my all-time favorite romance authors, Suzanne Enoch, rang in with a very early POP opinion, calling it "warm, witty and fabulous!" And more recently begun trickling in from readers who got their hands on POP ARCs...and what they’ve had to say so far is both, shall we say, mind-blowing, not to mention cheek-warming. Stuff like: “Amazing!!” "hilarious," “beautiful,” “unbelievably hot.” One reader even sent me an orderly list (sorted by page number!) of things she loved about it, bless her heart. I love lists.

So I honestly do hope all of this is a harbinger of things to come. Can't wait to hear what you guys think! Check out book news section below to learn more about POP and the Pennyroyal Green series itself and find links to excerpts and ways to preorder it. Or...for a shot at winning an ARC of POP, hurry and check out my special blog CONTEST over at Romantic Inks TODAY—the lovely girls there have posted a saucy, exclusive little excerpt from POP, and a blog I wrote on how bestseller lists are compiled—and I guarantee both are eye-openers! :) Comment and you might win!

Speaking of counting down, I actually do have a POP clock of sorts—a countdown widget, one of the many groovy things Avon does for its authors. Check it out and feel free to grab the code for your own blog or website and join me in gazing slack-jawed as the hours, minutes and seconds before POP's release fly by underneath that gorgeous cover. I guarantee it'll relax you after a long day's work. And something magical happens to the widget on POP's release day!! I'm pretty sure A half-dressed Gerard Butler springs out of it!! (OK, kidding again. I really have no idea what happens. But aren't you curious now?) Also, if you're dying to know if there's anything I won't eat, check out my very cool author page at the HarperCollins website to learn little tidbits about me.

And scroll down to book news to hear the fabulous way I was awakened the other morning: it involves a phone call from my agent's office, the Holt sisters, an auction, Japan, and me nearly passing out with pleasure. (See? Pleasure can be perilous. :) )

So, kittens, I hope this fall finds you and yours happy and warm and safe...and I hope you have stacks of fabulous books at your fingertips. Take good care for now, and don't forget to write! :)

Julie :)



February 08!


available now

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~Book News~

The Perils of Pleasure is the first book in a series about the lives, passions, adventures and misadventures of the denizens of Pennyroyal Green, Sussex, England, a town anchored by the wealthy Eversea and Redmond families—whose relations are civil on the surface, but seethe beneath with ancient secrets and grudges and—naturally—attractions. We'll follow these folks wherever their passions and destinies take them—whether it’s London, the gallows, a ballroom, a bedroom, the high seas, or the Sussex downs. I have major plans for these people. :) Hope you'll enjoy their stories as they unfold!

In POP, we meet Colin Eversea, the charming, heartbreaker of a black sheep youngest son of that clan, who manages to at last distinguish himself by doing what no Eversea in history has heretofore done: get caught. The catch? He claims he's innocent. Madeleine Greenway, a daring, beautiful mercenary with a few secrets of her own is paid to rescue him. Passion, adventure and a bit of hilarity ensues.

See my website for a little introduction to Colin and Madeleine, or check out an exclusive, saucy little excerpt at Romantic Inks today for a chance to win a POP ARC! And if the spirit moves you, y
You can preorder it at Amazon now, or check out this page at the HarperCollins site for a whole panoply of ways to preorder POP.


The Holt sisters take Japan: The other morning, I learned there was an auction among Japanese publishers for the rights to the Holt Sisters trilogy—and we sold them for an amount so heartwarming my jaw dropped and my extremities went briefly numb. I recovered, of course, sufficiently enough to do a sort of celebratory Julie-Andrews-in-the-Sound-of-Music swirly dance. So this now means that my books will be published (or have been published) in Poland, Germany, France, Russia, The Czech Republic, China, Spain and Japan. This is one of the best parts of being an author, as far as I'm concerned—the possibility of connecting with people everywhere through stories.



CONTEST: POP-ping with Gratitude...The countdown to POP continues on my contest page—you can win a pair of gorgeous, handcrafted, sterling silver hoops and a set of three, interchangeable genuine gemstone birthstones. Go to my contest page to see them.

w i n n e r s: Patrica V. of Springfield, VA won the hoops and the signed books in my BOOK-tober contest! Hurrah Hurrah for Patricia!

~-The Magical Mystery Tour~

Oh, if you thought you'd never see
The death of Colin Eversea
Oh, come along with me, lads
come along with me
For on a summer day he'll swing
The pretty lad was very bad
So everybody sing!

Or so sang crowds on the street, in bawdy theaters, in pubs, when THE PERILS OF PLEASURE's Colin Eversea, the most dashing, entertaining criminal in English memory, was sentenceed to hang. This was a typical "flash ballad," rough songs celebrating or illuminating a particular criminal's exploits in unabashedly gory or bawdy detail—(in fact, Colin's brother's Colin Eversea's brothers wrote their own verses concerning his sexual prowess, etc. )
Flash ballads, much like rock n' roll was at one time, were so popular and controversial and deliciously sinful that the bishop of London once blamed an earthquake on them, and numerous attempts were made to outlaw or control them.

If you're interested, you can read more about Flash ballads in a fascinating book called The Hanging Tree, Execution and the English People, by V.A.C. Gatrell. And of course, you can read about Colin's own balald in POP. :)


Take care for now, and see you next time!


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