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~A Letter from Julie~

Hello, pumpkins! My Christmas shopping is done—is yours?

Ha! Kidding! Just thought I'd start the newsletter off with an adrenaline jolt for all of you. (You're welcome). Instead of buying gifts this year, I think I'll, oh, just write a poem for everyone on my list. (Yeah—as if I'd get away with that). Truthfully, I haven't even finalized my Thanksgiving plans. Somehow, I have a feeling my computer will play a starring role, as a deadline looms for Book 2 of my trilogy. (And the book does have a name! Read more about it below.)

But I like to picture all of you surrounded by the food and people (and critters) you love best this Thanksgiving holiday. Growing up, I remember the turkey defrosting in its butcher paper shroud up on top of the refrigerator, and all the cats (there were five of them) camped down below, crouched in loaf shapes, staring raptly up at it like a bunch of little worshippers. And aren't some holiday traditions funny? For example, things you would never eat on any other day of the year for some reason absolutely must be on the table on Thanksgiving. I mean—creamed onions?? Why on earth?? That was my family's thing, anyway.

Anyhow—I am truly thankful for all of you, and I hope your holiday is splendid.

A bunch of web-related news: Last month's BLOGtoberfest Celebration at Dishing with the Divas was an enormous success, thanks to those of you who stopped by to dish with us and our lovely guest divas Christie Ridgway, Karen Hawkins and Christine Feehan. You can still read their posts, as well as a recent blog from me on a date so comically bad (click on the preceding red words, then scroll up to read the blog) my friends routinely beg me to tell the story. Please do share your own experiences—we have some pretty funny date stories on there now. We'll probably be talking about holiday traditions this month, too, and there's a contest, of course—win seven signed books!

My other group blog, Warner Women, was just recognized as one of the best Group Author blog's by the Internet Writing Journal. And if you've been dying to see my little nephew dressed as a monkey, well, today's your lucky day—see my diary. LOL.

At the moment, I'm tremendously excited about my March 2006 book, BEAUTY AND THE SPY and the next book in the trilogy, WAYS TO BE WICKED. Scroll down to read more about both! For now, give yourself a hug, and here's hoping you and yours have a memorable (in a good way!) Thanksgiving celebration.

Warm Regards,

Julie :)


~ March 2006 ~

Excerpt | Order

available now ~

Excerpt | Order

~ available now ~
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~Book News~

Time to go BATS!...
OK, kids—I've posted a mini excerpt of BEAUTY AND THE SPY (aka BATS), so have a peek. In it, our heroine Susannah Makepeace proves that Kit Whitelaw isn't the only one with espionage tendencies... she in fact gets a rather unexpected, glorious eyeful when she indulges her own. Let me know what you think of it when the urge takes you! I'll probably sneak another one or two excerpts in on you in the weeks ahead, too. I should also have ARCs by the end of the month, so if you're a reviewer or a book group member (a number of you guys have asked me about them), stay tuned.

You can preorder BATS now, or buy it from your favorite neighborhood bookstore the instant it arrives so I can, oh, maybe make the USA Today list. LOL. (I dream, therefore I am.)


WAYS TO BE WICKED is the name of the next book in the trilogy...and just as a reminder, the trilogy is about three sisters separated by scandal when they were very young. IN WAYS TO BE WICKED you'll meet Sylvie, a ballerina, our hero, the wickedly gorgeous Tom Shaughnessy, owner owner of a number of bawdy theaters in London, a dwarf choreographer who's a bit of a lady's man, an aging diva of the bawdy stage, and others. October 2006 is the release date!


NEW CONTEST: "Sunshine for your earlobes" can indeed be sung to the tune of a John Denver song (and let me just apologize right now for putting said song in your head), but it's also the name of November's contest—the birthstone theme proved so wildly popular I decided to continue it at least through the end of the year. You can win a warm, sunny pair of citrine earrings this month just by answering an easy question. Go to my contest page to find out how.

w i n n e r s: Jeri Brinkmann of Colorado won the opal earrings! Say "Bravo!" for Jeri! And Sun Lee of California won a signed copy of To Love a Thief in my Stealth Contest. Keep your eyes peeled for more Stealth Contests this month— I post them at whim on my home page and yank them the instant I have a winner, so you have to be vigilant and quick to win.

~The Magical History Tour~    

How NOT to behave... In TO LOVE A THIEF, as part of his attempt to polish Lily Masters into a diamond of the first water, Gideon Cole insists she study the contents of an odious little book on behavior. Such a "helpful" manual did in fact exist during the Regency, and boy were the guidelines specific. The book was called—and the title's a mouthful—The Ladie's and gentlemen's companion containing the newest cotillions and country dances ... ; to which are added, instances of ill manners, to be carefully avoided by youth of both sexes...(Norwich, Printed by J. Trumbull, 1798.). Lily's own personal hurdle was the rule about " Distortion of countenance, and mimicry," since Gideon often tempted her to roll her eyes.

Other helpful rules included such admonitions against "Swinging the arms, and all other aukward gestures, especially in the street, and in company," "Throwing things instead of handing them," and the vaguely ominous and and all-encompassing, "All actions that have the most remote tendency to indelicacy." One has to wonder what went on at dances if one had to be admonished against "indelicacy" and throwing things. If you think your own behavior could use a little polishing, take a look at the full list of rules.

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What I've been listening to: Elbow, Leaders of the Free World. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS. Unbelievably, totally beside myself with how good this is.

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