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~A Letter from Julie~

Hello, my dumplings! Do I need to remind you what day Wednesday is?? Or would you very much prefer that I didn't? I know it's the high holiday of romance, and all, but it's a funny day, Valentine's Day is. Often literally funny, I realized, as I reflected upon the diversity of Valentine's Day gifts I've received over the years, among them a fistful of lilies with dirt and roots still attached (obviously purloined by my desperate beau from someone's front yard on the way over to my house); homemade coupons for "naughty" activities (what is it with men and the homemade naughty coupons??), and a book about industrial pollution from a politically earnest suitor. Ah, romance. Anyhow, if you don't have a particular Valentine this year, consider me yours. Because, frankly, this year, I'd kind of like to have LOTS of Valentines. We can all be each other's Valentines!! And If that sounds like a good idea to you, you can read more about the perks that come with the position in my contest section. ;)

What else is going on with me? Well, 2007 got off to a rather sweet start— starting with the news of a a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award nomination for BATS! Yay! I was thrilled. And in addition to diligently working on my first book for Avon, I distracted (that's a better word than "procrastinated," don't you think?) myself by designing a line of t-shirts inspired both by the Holt Sisters trilogy and your emails about my various heroes—because I swear if was keeping score, I think my heroes would be neck and neck in terms of fan club members. :) So the images shown here are of the "Julie's Heroes" t-shirt, but there's also a "Free Thaddeus Morley" shirt, because he seems to have his own fan club, too. :) You can visit the store to see the shirts for WAYS TO BE WICKED and THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION, too (featuring coy little questions in a provocative little place).

A few of my regular bloggers have already won JAL t-shirts, and all the grooviest romance readers are wearing them. (Actually, I have no idea whether this is true, but it strikes me as a good rumor to start.) And I'll send a signed book to anyone who sends me a photo of themselves wearing one between now and May 1. :) All proceeds from t-shirt sales (about a buck a shirt) through May 1st go to the Humane Society of the United States in honor of our furry Valentines.

Anyway, kittens, scroll down for more news, including an update about THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION, our final Holt sister story. Here's hoping this February finds you and yours in fine, frisky fettle, and here's a big Valentine's day hug—O—from me to help keep you warm. As always, feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone you think might enjoy it, and take good care for now,

Julie :)


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~Book News~

THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION: Want to get to know Rhys and Sabrina (our last Holt Sister) just a little bit before THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION hits the shelves? There's a steamy little excerpt up on my website now.

And speaking of TSTS: it's
preordering at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. HURRY and order yours!!!! THEY MIGHT RUN OUT!!!! (OK, well...that's probably not true. But didn't you feel just a little jolt of adrenaline there? Don't you feel just a bit more alive? You're welcome.)

As a reminder: The books in the Holt sisters trilogy are BEAUTY AND THE SPY (March 06, out now), which is Susannah and Kit's story; WAYS TO BE WICKED (out now, the story of Sylvie and Tom!) and THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION (out in May of 2007, it's Sabrina and Rhys's story and wraps up the trilogy, bringing back familiar characters and circumstances and solving our mystery!). I think it'll help to read BATS again before you get into THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION. Just a hint. :)

I know I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating, don't you think? BEAUTY AND THE SPY was nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice Award!


And speaking of BATS...BEAUTY AND THE SPY and WAYS TO BE WICKED will be published in Russian!! I think all this news this calls for a toast, don't you? Now, where did I put that vodka...?


NEW CONTEST: Be Julie's Valentine!...What's better than having one great Valentine?? Having THOUSANDS of 'em. So let's be each other's Valentines this year, what do you say?? I promise it's less complicated than it sounds. :) Just enter to win a beautiful pair of handcrafted pearl and garnet earrings, a "Julie's Heroes" t-shirt, and a signed copy of BATS! Go to my contest page to find out how.

w i n n e r s: Joanna L . of Kirkaldy, Scotland won the Happy New Year Hoop-la contest—sterling silver hoops and 12 sets of birthstones, and signed copy of BATS and The Raven Prince. Huzzah, Joanna! She's our first Scottish winner!

~-The Magical Mystery Tour~

In the Secret to Seduction (coming in May, kids!), Sabrina Fairleigh was raised by Vicar Fairleigh in the tiny town of Tinbury, Derbyshire, and she's stunned by her first look at the Earl of Rawden's glorious, intimidating home, La Montagne, as she grew up quite poor. Poverty was in fact, often the besetting curse of vicars of the Church of England, because even though a "living" (roughly defined as the income or revenue) of a parish could be quite lucrative—before 1840, a living consisted of all or part of the local tithes (mandatory payments made by parishioners to the church), and tithes amounted to one-tenth of the farm produce in a given area—vicars were in fact merely appointed representatives of rectors, who were the real owners of the living. For example, in many instances, a monastic order would have owned a particular living for centuries, thus becoming for all intents and purposes the "rector" and entitled to all of the living's "great tithes" of corn, wood and hay. The vicar (the same root as "vicarious," you'll note), as the rector's appointed representative, received only "small tithes." Thus, Sabrina became an expert at being poor.

Some livings, however, were in the control of private parties, and these were highly coveted, as it could be quite a cushy gig, requiring only one sermon a week from the holder of the living. In TSTS, Rhys Gillray, the Earl of Rawden, owns such a living, but you'll have to read TSTS to learn what he does with it. :)

Take care for now, and see you next time!


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