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  Says Colleen Goldrick of New Jersey of her photo: "Seeing as this is entitled World Contest I chose a picture of myself on a gorgeous cruise boat all dressed up seeing the World for the first time. I was so excited to be on a cruise at 40, finally and had a wonderful time seeing the Caribbean. The boat was luxurious and the food, well let's just say that dress was tight by the end of the trip, so were all my clothes. I found my vacation was clearly dominated by the times the different meals were served. From the fancy dress up dinner's to the casual pool side drinks and deserts with music, it was a memory I'll hold with me forever. Hopefully I'll get to go again before I turn 50."  
Says Phyllis Skoglund of Florida: "I caught a dangerous fish like this Scorpion Fish. I'm told that they're a good tasting meal but you just have to know how to clean them."




Says Corey Robertson of Mississippi: "I fell in love with your books and decided to send my husband one. It can get pretty lonely in Afghanistan where he is right now with the Army. He is due to return on June 24th, three days before our first child is due to be born! He loved your book and asked me if I could find anymore which you had written. I I have always loved him, since I met him in high school, but knowing that romance books touched his heart, touched mine more than I can say and I fell in love with him even more than I already am! I did ask him about his fellow troops seeing him reading a romance novel and he told me that he takes it out on patrol with him so if for any reason it might bring tears to his eyes, he can blame them on the frequent sand storms which fill your eyes with grit and make them tear up."

Donna Holmberg of Delaware says: "This is a picture of me that ran in the Middletown Transcript last week in an article dedicated to my love of writing and my two recent essay contest wins. My first win was a 20-day trip around the world that I won from American Licorice Company and Red Vines Licorice. I got married in February and my husband and I will be using as our delayed honeymoon this summer. The second win was a $100 gift certificate from French's Mustard that I have already used to buy several of your books and other books that the seniors were begging for (at the nursing home where I volunteer my time and love)."


  Joanne Willey of North Carolina says: "Here is a picture of me and my only child!! The greatest son in the world!!"   Says Beverley Mooren of North Carolina: "I've been on a diet for a couple of years and have lost 145 lbs. I look - an feel - so differently now that my children asked for an updated photo."




  And here Patricia Yielding of Texas is just hanging out at home....  
Says Eve Fralick of New Hampshire of this photo: "My 13-year old daughter, Jamie, and I recently flew by helicopter to the northern Atlantic to watch harp seals calve on the frozen ocean. It was an absolutely amazing experience. My daughter wants to be a biologist, and I thought this would be a great way in which to support and encourage her dreams and goals. The photo below shows Jamie in her survival suit petting a newborn baby seal of about 4-5 days old."
  Says reader Rita Robb of Canada: "The photo is of me with one of my sons taken on a day visit to Lake William in S.E. Manitoba.   Says Leigh Nicols of South Carolina: "This is me and my son Travis at his eighth birthday party. He is my universe!"
  Says Minna Puustinen of Savonlinna, Finland: "This picture was taken in NDSU in International Expo by Swedish exchange student Camilla. We were sharing a table there. On the table she had stuff from Sweden and I of course had stuff from Finland. "   Reader Darlene lives in southern Louisiana. She says: "My greatest hobby is gardening and I have the hands to prove it. Only time they are decent is during the winter months. At that time, I am an avid reader. Love books, hardly ever watch television. In the picture, we are celebrating the marriage of our daughter (36 years old). We did not think marriage or grandchildren would be in her future. Now we have a great son-in-law and a new grandson. "
  And here's Don and Pat Schrier, of Venice California!   This is Lauren Thornton of Georgia with her beautiful baby niece, Jima Alexander.
  Says Christina Rogalski of New Jersey: "This was my first scuba dive in the ocean. I was a nervous wreck but my boyfriend loves it so I thought I would give it a try. I think I could get the hand of it."   Susan Johnson of Alabama has two dogs and a husband, and this picture was taken a few months ago...